Our Mission & Goals

Right now...

Emood now has a team of 3 people with passion to do something good and positive.

We believe the world needs emood.

Simply just to talk, no judgement or people sharing for likes or getting attention.

It’s about connecting people so they are never alone if they have a phone, or not able to share what they feel with loved ones or friends as we don’t sometimes need their judgement.

That’s why we created emood purely because it is not just a communication platform that ensures anonymity.

Thanks to emood you can develop, test or just practice your ability to speak another languages – Simply just add language ( you want to improve ,test or develop ) and search users who are actually use that language.

If your type of personality like one of our characters ( example – Olly – Owl: smart, intelligent, quick witted and wise to others and can help out in most situations with good advice) you will be more than happy to use emood, the place where you can share your knowledge, advise someone in a difficult situation, or you just like to help others by simply talking to them. Emood is for you.



Our goal is to create as many additional projects based on the same assumptions.

We are currently working on the 2nd and 3rd version of the application, which will have additional features that will allow the user for many more interactions, while remaining anonymous such as watching movies, sport or tv shows.

we also have a project to create games that will be based on the characters that represents emood.

Our Ethos

These are the principles that guided us in creating emood.

1 . “do not judge – do not hate” Just Talk.

2 . “we are all equal and at the same time each is unique – each with its own personality and history” Just Talk.

3 . share only emotions, knowledge, experiences from life, joy in life, sadness that sometimes affects everyone.

emood believes that what we have in our heads and the words and stories we have do not need photos, videos or reality filters.

Our words and how we are social

When we use words, it is impossible to judge anyone in terms of – wealth or poverty, skin color, appearance, or anything that each of us tried to hide from others, even though others might not even see it.

Emood is not meant to be in competition or to be thought as the same as Facebook, Instagram or TikTok but as an alternative where you can talk carelessly without being exposed to everything you would like to avoid in social media and of course, we are all cheering on all the social platforms that help to provide the wider community that uses the Internet “smile, knowledge, hopes, views, everyday events”.

Ultimatley we sometimes we just need to talk and that’s why we don’t compete, we only give the opportunity to contact all those who sometimes want to remain anonymous but as a business we use social platforms where we want to create a community that will support and share a smile.

For this purpose, we have created 10 characters who will differ in personality just like us. Anyone who wants to can identify with such a character.
We are a small group of people who want to create something that we feel can help many people, especially nowadays. From our own (low) financial resources and on our rules We want our application to always remain free, so if you use or just want to support the emood project, you can buy a product with our logo or promote via paypal, swift or simply go to our (facebook, instagram, tictok) give a like and share.