who are you?

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Hi I'm Coco

I'm cheeky, spontaneous, funny and don't like conflict... happy around others like me


Hi I'm Olly

I'm smart, intelligent, quick-witted and wise to others and can help out in most situations


Hi I'm Nona

I'm sensitive, don't like change but can be a great source of knowledge and advice


Hi I'm Nala

i'm sweet. sensitive and need reassuring from time to time


Hi I'm Exor

I'm courageous, bold, a leader, born to make a difference and manage my tribe


Hi I'm Cujo

I'm loyal, smart and I fight for what is right and also I have a good sense of danger


Hi I'm Toto

I don't need others to make me happy and I can make decisions on my own
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Hi I'm Izzy

I am a follower and like to be led and told what to do so I feel safe and part of a team


Hi I'm Nemo

I'm intelligent, strong and remember the past but I don't let it define me


Hi I'm Gigi

I like to store and keep things safe including friends and family but can attack if prompted