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emood is the fastest growing FREE messaging app that is the only true anonymous app keeping you safe.

Our Story

We believe the world needs emood. simply just to talk, no judgement or people sharing for likes or getting attention. It’s about connecting people so they are never alone if they have a phone, or not able to share what they feel with loved ones or friends as we don’t sometimes need their judgement.

What is it?

emood is not another social media platform, nor like anything else on the market and is unique to what it offers it’s users globally.

No matter who you are or what you do, emood is surely intended for you. You don’t need to feel alone, judged or seek validation by getting likes and shares, just like on other platforms. 
Just simplicity of the art of conversation.

Why are we different

We strongly believe in emood, that our application and functionality isn’t the same or anything like what the main social media networks are offering, nor does our app work within their systems. Users of social media are generally using them to try and become famous, be fake or use filters to cover up real problems in life.

What's required...

Sharing Content
Getting likes, hearts or followers
Requires personal infomation
Online Bullying and abuse
Being viewed by unknown users
Ability to search any user

not for profit

Free for everyone

Any Language